Chairman is a leading Educationist, Industrialist,  Philanthropist and Politician.  Er. A.Ganash Kumar   is noted for thinking ahead of times and for his progressive plans that are unique combination of vision, effective management and the spirit of promoting technical education.   He has dedicated himself completely for promoting Technical Education and to spread knowledge amongst the youth of Tamil Nadu.  He is  a multi-faceted personality, he has defined long term social service plans for all groups of  Society, Women care, Education and Multiple social awareness programs.  His unique plans of providing Food, Transport and Training for students in Job Oriented areas are being followed by many Engineering Colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu.
He completed his Master degree of Mechanical Engineering M.E in Anna University. In the year 2006, he went to London to Compete the course on “ Judge Management and Decision Management”. In the Field of Politics, he served as a Member of Legislative Assembly(MLA) in Gingee Constituency of TamilNadu in the year 2011 – 2015. In that period he went to Geneva in Switzerland for representing speech to UN for “PASSUMAI THAYAGAM”.   
He has dedicated himself completely for promoting Technical Education  and his mission is to contribute  the growth of Engineering Profession with Quality,  Moral and Professional standards through the students of his college.  Educational Institutions should provide an environment to the learners to gain a through knowledge on the subjects of their interest.
He is very proud to say that  Engineering Colleges provides a learning environment to learners to have a complete learning experience on their objectives. This is possible only with members of the faculty who are experienced in teaching and research, and the laboratories that are modern and contain all the necessary tools to experience the practical knowledge on the theories that are taught in the classrooms. Added to this, to encourage sports and extra-curricular activities among the students and offering various facilities. Also he is encourage the students to find an easy way to kick-start their career with a big brands like the TCS, HCL, WIPRO.