The Founder’s life partner Mrs. Balamani Arunachelam established the trust in the name of Varadammal Manickam Educational and Charitable Trust in 1996.  She is benevolent, beloved person and a Social Worker. She strongly believes in Woman Empowerment, started as Secreatary, Indira Gandhi Priya Darshni Women’s Welfare Association.     Currently she is the Senior Member, Standing Committee of AIWC ( All India Women’s Conference).   Due to her hardwork and social interest on women, she is holding the post of President of WIA (Women’s Indian Association) in Ponnur Hills, Vandavasi.  This Association received support from AIWC and soon she will become the President of AIWC, Ponnur Hills, Vandavasi.
Her Significant activities toward Women are :



  • Social attitude towards Woman
  • Building awareness of Literacy
  • Enlighten the poor and needy women
  • Preventing communal activities
  • Action Plans for Health, Education, Economic Programs
   She served as the President of “Inner Wheel”, the Women Wing of Rotary Club of Ponnur Hills, Vandavasi in 2013-14. In that period she has done many more Projects for Health awareness, Literacy programs. She has been participating the Conferences, Seminars and Meets conducted by AIWC, WIA and the Inner Wheel of Rotary club.
  She visited USA, UK, European Countries(Germen, France, Rome and Switzerland), UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi) Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China for the motive of  Educational service, acquiring Knowledge Informatics and delivering the  Resources to the Society Globally.She is Multitasking Women, who has the combination of Love, Dignity, Devotion and Generosity of good Human.